How To Generate $10,000 in Sales using Live Video for your business

Who is Tawanna B. Smith?

Tawanna Browne Smith is a trained actress, travel writer, speaker, author and former intelligence analyst. Tawanna has been building online businesses since 2008, using both video and written content to grow her brand, audience and authority. She began monetizing live videos in 2015.

Tawanna has worked with destinations, hotels, influencer marketing agencies, blogging networks and brands on a variety of digital media marketing campaigns.

She has written for big name publications such as 10Best USA Today, TravelChannel, Trip Advisor, The Examiner and Huffington Post. Tawanna has worked with brands to design social campaigns, helped business owners create new online businesses, trained coaches to use live video to sell their products or services, and appeared on local television to share her travel expertise.

Tawanna B. Smith

What others are saying 

Mia RedrickMaster Coach

As a person who has made 5 figures in one day on Periscope I realized that there were still things i don't know. Tawanna has been a great consultant to me, figuring out how to use the tool in a bigger way. As a busy professional, I don't have a lot of time. It was refreshing to work with Tawanna who has been a patient and amazing teacher. She's great at what she does.

Carol HunterThe Money Mender

Today I host a weekly broadcast which provides new leads for my coaching programs and increased revneue. As a 'baby boomer' business owner forced to embrace 21st century technology, Tawanna's digitial and video consulting was perfect for me. I am not too tech savvy, and my time is limited so I needed help that was simple and easy.

Sili RecioBlogger, Creator of The Planning Collective

Tawanna has provided me with guidance on how to use live video. From introducing me to the products I need to providing me with guidance on how to present myself on camera, she's taught me how to pitch and sell my planners and blogging program to people who were just casual viewers and are now customers. I love her videos!

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