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Tawanna is the owner of MGTTMedia. She has been developing online content since 2009 and written for various online publications such as Travel Channel, 10BestUSA Today, Trip Advisor, Huffington Post and The Examiner. You can find her across social media as TawannaBSmith.

Elements of Ideal Customer Avatar

8 Must-Have Elements Of An Ideal Customer Avatar

By Tawanna B.

The ideal customer avatar Defining your ideal customer avatar is the pre-work you must complete before you create one piece of content or sell your products. Oftentimes it is overlooked by entrepreneurs who are passionate about their products but unclear about marketing. In consulting with one of my clients, I tasked her with clearly defining her […]

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Planning your content

How To Plan Your Next 60 Days of Content

By Tawanna B.

Before we talk about how to plan 60 days of content, let’s talk first about what a content calendar is. What is a Content Calendar? In the most basic of definitions, a content calendar is a resource that content creators use to plan and organize their content. Marketing teams use content marketing calendars to strategically plan […]

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