Video Marketing Cruises Can Use To Attract More Families

By Tawanna B.

Video Marketing For Cruise Lines

Video Marketing cruises can take to the bank includes helpful How To and Things You Should Know videos. This type of content would prepare passengers for their voyage. It may also win over potential customers plagued with a host of unanswered questions about cruising.

Any type of content with messaging that explains the benefits of a product, minus a hard sell, is considered content marketing.

Surprisingly, we don’t see many cruise lines doing this type of video marketing. Ships will show videos onboard which are designed to attract current passengers to other cruising products, however, this doesn’t do any good for prospective buyers.

What can cruise lines illustrate in their video content?

Families and newly minted travelers love cruises. Why? Because cruising is an easy introduction to traveling with kids. Daily activities, continuous buffets, numerous food options, and the ability to visit a variety of destinations without hopping from one plane to the next are all convenient features of cruising.

For newly minted travelers, cruising makes exploration easy. It’s affordable and takes the hassle out of organizing transfers when you want to visit more than one port of call. These are just a few of the benefits of cruising.

Video marketing cruises can appreciate

As a cruise line, in crafting the message I would begin the conversation much like how you see in the video for this post. For my family travel demographic, provide them with “5 easy ways to plan and enjoy a fun cruise with kids.” Show them different parts of the ship that are most relevant to a family. Raise cruising awareness BEFORE they get on board.

Watch the video in this post. In it, I use still images, voice over and background music to help craft the message. It’s a simple and inexpensive video creation tool that doesn’t require a lot of resources.

Both major cruise lines and individual business owners like yourself can create a similar video in less than 20 minutes.

Implementing video in your online marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. You just need access to the tools that will help you streamline the process.

If you’d like to make similar videos, check out Content Samurai. It’s one of many tools that I use to create videos quickly. Click the graphic below for a demo of the software.

Let’s see what you create.

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