8 Ways Brands Can Use Periscope For Business To Increase Aweareness

By Tawanna B.

Brands can use Periscope

8 Ways Brands Can use Periscope For Business

Brands can use Periscope in more ways than one. In this post which originally published on LinkedIn, I discuss the awareness use-case for brands.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a brand and you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for compelling arguments on how Periscope can fit into your present social strategy. Is live streaming worth the investment of time and resources? What’s the potential return on that investment? Will Periscope suffer the same demise as Meerkat once the “next best thing” comes to market?

Who knows?

What we know is that Periscope has specific use cases for a brand and that small businesses ARE making money on the platform. In addition, there are brands currently leveraging Periscope for brand awareness and customer engagement.

How this converts to your bottom line, depends completely on your supporting marketing efforts.

Here are 8 ways that brands can use Periscope for their current marketing efforts.

1. Find and Leverage Influencers/Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing is the ultimate tool in smart social media outsourcing for brands.Consumer-to-consumer word of mouth marketing is outperforming paid advertising two times over. Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere.

The brands who get it early are reaping the benefits of supplementing traditional marketing with influencer marketing, multiplying their brand awareness efforts twofold. Although you may fully understand this, you might be asking yourself how do you find the right influencer for your brand.

Periscope is a unique platform for you to identify who has a rapport already with your target audience. You can watch a broadcaster and interact without them being none the wiser of who you are.

Tip: To find potential candidates, search on Twitter or Periscope for broadcasts that use your keywords.

Keep your eye out for a broadcaster that is charismatic, knowledgeable and appears authentic on camera. Working with someone who already has a knack for the camera saves your company resources. Why waste time and money onboarding an employee who may not already have the skills.

Take a look at this infographic from influencer marketing agency Storyset Network.

influencer marketing

2. Brands can use Periscope to vet potential brand ambassadors.

If you’ve been considering creating an ambassadorship program, what better way to find candidates than doing a search via LIVE video.

Searching for current broadcasters within your niche fast forwards the vetting process. It cuts down on emails and quite frankly, can eliminate the entire application process.

You will know if someone is a fit for the brand by watching their broadcasts and listening to them speak. You can also find out if they are active on other platforms.

If they write, tweet, post to Instagram, Snapchat, have a blog or post to YouTube, they will usually share this information with their audience.

Congratulations! You’ve just hit the jackpot.

All you have to do is convince your potential partner why they should work with you.

3. Weave your brand message within a broadcaster’s show.

You want your product or brand message seamlessly weaved into the broadcaster’s current content. She already knows how to talk to her audience. The audience recognizes her voice and they won’t mind her broadcasting about you.

The broadcaster is a potential customer for you as well. She also has problems and is looking for solutions.

Your product or service may be the answer. If it is, the broadcaster’s messaging will not be a sell. She will casually talk with her community about how your product solved her problem.

They will thank her for the information and ask her where to buy.

4. Elicit instant product feedback and input.

Viewers can provide you with immediate feedback on your product or service. They can share their experiences and provide opinions on what works, what doesn’t work, and what features they’d like to see.

You just need to know how to ask for the information.

5. Sponsor on-camera product reviews.

Utilize a trusted voice to do a product or service review. Work with someone that you trust who will be authentic, honest and provide constructive feedback.

Don’t put constraints on your reviewers. Allow them to do an unboxing and speak to their viewers the same way they’d speak to a friend.

Isn’t that what influencer marketing is all about? A paid talking-head does no one any good.

6. Brands can use Periscope to show behind-the-scenes action.

Use Periscope to show exclusive interviews with management. Viewers love traveling with broadcasters on tours. Show them the inside of your facility, headquarters, country, manufacturing plant, or store.

Potential and current customers want to see the face behind the brand. Brand partners can serve you well in this instance by being an interviewer for you.

Working with someone who isn’t an employee allows the experience to feel more natural and less staged. It is the all-access pass that makes viewers feel special.

7. Host giveaways.

Giveaways can serve to increase brand visibility, awareness, engagement, while also helping to drive new sales. Consumers are inclined to buy on Periscope because of the LIVE conversations and feedback.

Consumer goods company Arkon Mounts has been on the platform for months building community, demonstrating features of their car, phone, and tablet mounts, and hosting giveaways. They work with partners who have strong communities, share information about their products, and participate in giveaways. (*Disclaimer: I am an Arkon Partner).

A consistent presence coupled with ongoing generosity has positioned Arkon as the brand of choice for hundreds of scopers. (In full disclosure, I am an Arkon Periscope Partner).

8. Brands can use Periscope to lead people to take an action.

Use Periscope to introduce yourself to the market. Build a relationship and trust with the community by providing them value and showing up consistently.

Once you’ve established that trust, have them take an action. Direct them to visit other social platforms, watch a company video, opt in to a sales page, read a blog post, or sign up for your newsletter.

Tell them what to do and where you want them to go.

Specific tips for using brand partners

It’s important for you to have a front-facing person who is dynamic on-camera. The energy you need on camera is different from giving a presentation in front of a room of business colleagues.

Make sure that you are working with a brand partner who “gets it.” They need to get your brand position, your brand messaging, your product or service and your brand culture.

They also need to understand the idea of authentically being themselves.

The last thing viewers want to see are broadcasts turning into blatant commercials.

Be careful with whom you decide to invest your time and money. It is easy for a partner to quickly diminish the value of your brand name. It will take exponentially longer for you to rebuild it.

Before you take that important step of inviting a Periscope influencer to your team, conduct your due diligence: watch and observe.

Your brand partner should not only understand the nuances of Periscope but they should also understand Twitter. If they barely have a following on Twitter, it will be hard for them to leverage the current strategy your brand has on the platform.

Remember, your efforts on Periscope are meant to enhance what you are already doing for your social media marketing. You don’t want to waste resources bringing a contractor up to speed.

You have employees for that.

Understanding that it is a positive that your partner has a social presence, remember that “it’s not just about the numbers.” The greater concern should be do people engage and how are they engaging?

People have become more fickle on social media. Discernment and a desire for real voices is at an all time high. This means that they want to experience your brand in a deeper way.

If an influencer has already integrated your product or service in their lives, you’ve won half the battle.

To that point, your ideal brand partner should be a current or newly on-boarded customer who is not only loyal but socially active, socially vocal and socially aware. Periscope can work well to amplify brand partnerships, brand awareness, and customer engagement.


Brands can use Periscope in all levels of their marketing funnel. Any brand entering into the live streaming space should do so strategically.

Observe who is already there and who is doing it well.

Use your resources efficiently and identify ways to repurpose your Periscope content so that it also fits seamlessly into your content marketing mix.