5 Easy Live Streaming Tips For The Camera Shy – You’re not Alone

By Tawanna B.

Live-streaming tips for the camera shy


If you don’t think you’re beautiful nobody else will.

My sister said this to me when I was 7 or 8 years old. It’s something that stuck with me all my life and has been the foundation of my self-esteem.

Essentially, whatever you believe about yourself, you will manifest. And others will believe the same about you.

If you are truly camera shy, you will either

a.) never get on camera or

b.) get on camera but be ineffective at getting your message across because your audience will see just how camera shy you are.

Why? Because you’re thinking about your shyness.

Remember, what you believe about yourself, others will also believe about you.

The truth: Live-streaming isn’t for everyone

If you’re camera shy, don’t stress about it too much. You’re not alone.

However, if you want to get started live-streaming then there are a few issues you may need to address.

I would venture to say that a good majority of people have no interest in being on camera.

People’s inhibitions usually stem from not liking the way they look or sound on video.

In some cases this is a product of self-esteem, personal pressure, or preparation.

The challenge of low self-esteem

Without a doubt, self-esteem issues can stop you from ever pressing “Start Broadcast.” More than likely, you are your biggest critic.

Half of the things that we stress and criticize ourselves about go unnoticed by others.

The first step to getting over low self-esteem is to write down the things about yourself that you don’t like. Then ask someone close to you, whom you can trust, how can you improve that thing?

More often than not, they’ll tell you that there’s nothing wrong.

You can either accept their observation as is or you can take steps to improve the thing that you don’t like. Take ownership and know that you can always fix or make adjustments to something that you don’t like.

Pressure is for cooking

Live-streaming for camera shy

If you’re a high-achiever, you probably put an inordinate amount of pressure on yourself.

Part of that pressure comes from comparison – when we compare ourselves to others: how they look, what they have, what they do.

Your job is to figure out what YOU like, what YOU want, or how YOU want to look. Your life is about your individual journey, what makes you happy.

Answer these three questions for yourself:

  • What do I like?
  • What do I want?
  • What makes me happy?

You may find that the answers are easy fixes like grooming, pampering, or professional styling. And you may find that the answer is going to take some sweat equity like getting healthy or creating a fitness regimen.

Only you can identify what’s the source for your pressure.

Preparation is the key to self-confidence

live streaming for camera shy

Anyone you see who looks good on camera prepared. If they sound good, they prepared. If they entertained you well, they prepared.

Preparation can be as small as practicing in front of the mirror to improve how you speak or sound. And preparation can be as big as working out daily to not only achieve the look that you want for your body but also the self-esteem that comes along with it.

All good speakers prepare. They compose their thoughts, write outlines, practice openings and closings, again and again.

Success and self-confidence are the by-products of preparation.

Identify what’s at the root of your camera-shyness

If you’re serious about doing live video but you’re crippled by being camera shy, take a moment to think about what’s at the root.

It may be something small that needs a little tweaking or it may be a bigger challenge that requires a bit more effort to address. Self-analysis is the first step.

Preparation and practice come next. Watch the following live stream to hear the remaining live-streaming tips for the camera shy.

What would you say is holding you back from being on-camera? Leave your “why” in the comments below.