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Tawanna is the owner of MGTTMedia. She has been developing online content since 2009 and written for various online publications such as Travel Channel, 10BestUSA Today, Trip Advisor, Huffington Post and The Examiner. You can find her across social media as TawannaBSmith.

Use Live Video for Travel Content

9 Ways To Use Live Video For Travel Content Creators

By Tawanna B.

Live video has the potential to enhance the content for just about any niche you can imagine. For travel content creators live streaming is especially useful. In general, travel bloggers, travel writers and overall travel influencers are constantly creating content. Live video is an excellent tool for them to repurpose their content and increase their reach. […]

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How to Overcome Business Failure

6 Smart Tips On How To Overcome Business Failure

By Tawanna B.

Connect on Facebook Share Powered by the Simple Social Press To overcome business failure, keep things in context In the above Facebook Live video I have a candid discussion about what you need to know about failure in general and how to overcome business failure. Success, failure and greatness go hand-in-hand. Most business owners understand that […]

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