10 Best Practices for Building Your Successful Live Streaming Channel

By Tawanna B.

building your successful live streaming channel

Building Your Successful Live Streaming Channel

If you haven’t noticed yet, this website talks a lot about adding live streaming to your online content mix to attract customers and increase your digital sales.

Sometimes I have to be reminded to take a step back. I may have asked you to run before we covered walking.

First things first

Pressing “Record” isn’t that easy for some of us. So, in the spirit of being an attentive teacher, before you press record I want to share some best practices with you for building your successful live streaming channel and your audience. 

You’ll also want to check out my article on being more comfortable on camera if you struggle with “stage fright.”

‘Cause we can’t talk about building your successful live streaming channel if we can’t even get you to turn on the camera now can we? But if you’re beyond that, read on superstar!

Best Practice #1: Choosing a platform to live stream

Identify where you presently have a community. Start live streaming there first before you add other platforms to the mix.

Best Practice #2: Learn from others

Be sure to watch the broadcasts of your competitors and active live streamers. Take notes on how they structure their show, what works, what doesn’t.

Use those observations and adapt for your broadcasts.

Best Practice #3: Develop a live streaming strategy

Before you broadcast, decide what you will be using your live streaming channel for.

Will you use it to promote events, product specials, sales, behind-the-scenes tours, company interviews, product reviews?

Are you looking to add another level of engagement to your current community or are you looking to expand your market?

Here are some suggestions on how brands can use live streaming for their marketing.

Best Practice #4: Decide on your schedule

Figure out which days and times you will broadcast. Live streaming should be treated the same way you treat blogging, social updates, or email outreach.

Create a content schedule for your broadcasts just as you would your other digital marketing channels.

Best Practice #5: Be consistent

Once you set your schedule, try your best to stick to it when you first get started. This allows you to build momentum and an audience much faster.

When viewers know when to expect you, you’ll stay top of mind for them.

Best Practice #6: Treat your broadcasts live a television show

Cross promote your broadcasts on your other social channels to invite guests to your broadcasts. Create a graphic for your show and use it to grab people’s attention.

Share information about your show in your email newsletter as well as on your website or blog to attract your current customers.

Best Practice #7: Ask and you shall receive

Be sure to ask your community to share your broadcasts with their friends and fans. If you create interesting content, your viewers will be happy to invite their friends to the party.

Best Practice #8: Run contests

Live contests are a great way to build your audience. Promote your live contests and giveaways on your shows. Create an incentive for people to tune in by announcing the winners of your promotion live.

Best Practice #9: Engage with your community

Make sure to talk to your live viewers when they show up. Acknowledge them personally, answer their questions, thank them for attending.

Everyone loves a shout-out. When your audience sees that you’re an engaged brand, they will show up for your broadcasts consistently.

Best Practice #10: Decide who will conduct your broadcasts

Identify whether live streaming is something you should keep in-house or something you should outsource.

Consider working with live streaming influencers who already have shows. Look for ones that are also brand advocates so that they can talk about your brand authentically.

Working with a live streaming influencer allows you to leverage their community as well as their on-camera experience, freeing you from the learning curve.

Lastly, don’t forget to give your viewers a Call to Action to let them know how they can follow up with you or what you’d like for them to do next.

Implement each one of these best practices regularly and you’ll not only grow your audience but also create a solid piece of live video content.

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This post originally appeared on the Storyset Network blog, an influencer marketing agency where I work as Director of Brand Partnerships. 

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