3 Tips on How To Deal With Rapid Changes in Social Media

By Tawanna B.

rapid changes in social media

Changes in Social Media making you dizzy?

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with the rapid changes in your favorite social apps?

Are you using social media to help support the growth of your business?

Feeling overwhelmed that almost every app on the planet is going live?

Here’s the thing:

You. Don’t. Need. To. Keep. Up. With. Everything.

Don't try to keep up with changing social media

OMG! Did she just say that?

Yes she did!

Who has time for all that? Contrary to what some of the social media “experts” might tell you, you do NOT need to be everywhere.

Unless you have tasked yourself with that title of being the Social Media Updater (and why would you take on that crazy title? Just sayin’. You got Social Media Examiner for that), don’t worry about it.

Watch my Facebook Live video for three tips which will hopefully make you feel better about the rapid pace of today’s apps and how you should approach the social media space as it applies to your business.

Understand what’s most important

One of the basics that you should stick to is creating quality content that has value for your ideal customer. This is not something that you can hone and master when you’re constantly fiddling with changing technology.

If you stay beholden to keeping up with new apps and software your choice will be to either hire someone to take over one of these two roles for you: content creator or technology enabler.

You decide.

I may keep my audience up to date with changes in social media and the apps that I use for my business but it’s not something that I expect them to focus on in order to grow theirs.

Focus on the content

It is valuable content that’s positioned me as an expert in both the travel space and the live streaming space. And it is valuable content that I want you to focus on for the new year.

In my latest course, the Beginners’ Blogging Workshop, I teach you how to start, plan, automate, optimize, and monetize a blog.

blogging workshop

Check it out! It’s perfect for anyone who is just starting out with a blog or looking to add one to their business mix.blogging workshop

blogging workshopHow do rapid changes in software and apps affect you? Do you try to keep up with the rapid changes in social media? Leave an answer in the comments below.

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