How To Use Content Marketing For Live-streaming

By Tawanna B.

Content Marketing For Live-Streaming

How To Use Content Marketing For Live-Streaming

Check out the live stream video where I discuss how you can go about using content marketing for live-streaming videos.

If you’re a fan of text (because hey, who doesn’t like to skim) here are the main points that I discuss in the video.

What is Content Marketing?

Here’s how the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defines content marketing’s purpose: to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior.

Essentially, you create content that supports the product or service that you’re offering.

The content’s purpose is to teach or explain the attributes and the value of your offer without obnoxiously selling.

If you scream “buy, buy, buy” all the time in the online business world without offering value, people will run.

Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process. – Jim Rohn

When you constantly deliver value to your target audience, you allow them to learn. The reciprocation (and their appreciation) is your followers becoming your customers, provided you’ve correctly identified your ideal customer avatar.

“Consistently creating” is where solopreneurs get caught up.

Back in 2012 (ha! “back” is only 4 years ago but in internet years it’s like a decade), Mashable reported in a post that in one day in the life of the internet, 294 billion emails are sent, 2 million blog posts are written, and 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

That’s a lot of freaking content!

You and I are both creators and recipients of that content heap. And I am adding to the madness as you read this.

The “consistently” and constant part of the CMI equation is where most can’t keep up because either

  • a.) you’re constantly trying to think up content ideas
  • b.) you’re doing a poor job of content repurposing or
  • c.) you’re overwhelmed with all the other parts of building and running your business because you haven’t delegated appropriately.

Here are some tips for you to implement content marketing for live-streaming videos.

  1. To keep up with the consistent part: Ask your target audience or your customers what questions or hang ups they have in your niche. Constantly consult with that audience so that you can consistently feed your content pipeline. Identify their problems and provide solutions.
  2. To keep up with the constant part: Repurpose your content like a Queen Bee. This means recycle it, reuse it, rub it down. Just do it in different ways. Turn a post into a video, a video into a post (like this one here), quotes or comments into graphics, sentences into tweets, etc. etc. There are more than a dozen ways that you can repurpose one piece of content by turning it into more pieces of content. Your content repurposing skills are limited by your creativity.
  3. To keep up with consistent, constant, and overwhelm: Hire someone to help you with it all. That person can be your guide (a coach), your instructor (a consultant), or your implementer (a virtual assistant). 

Use live videos to support your content marketing and content marketing to support your videos.

When you use live video platforms such as Periscope to create educational videos, you are providing valuable content. You’re also raising your trust quotient.

Remember, live video is the fastest medium in which people connect with you in the online space. Why? Because they see your face, they can engage with you, they can interact.

Content marketing is designed to get prospects to know, like and trust you. Employing the strategy of content marketing for live-streaming videos fulfills the same purpose.

When you consistently foster those live interactions, once it’s time for you to make an offer (provided you’re in front of the right people), it’s easier for you to sell. People have been buying into YOU all along. They’ve either given you their time, their email address, or their support via social shares.

Content marketing is simply the act of creating valuable content consistently, which supports a product or service that you provide. To be most effective, it should be supported by a content repurposing and social media strategy that supports your overall business goals.

Want to book a session where we work on your content marketing, content repurposing and social media strategy? Contact Me to see how we can work together for your business needs.

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