How To Go Live On Facebook From Desktop with Ecamm Live

By Tawanna B.

How To Go Live on Facebook From Desktop with Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live is a downloadable tool that allows you to step up your Facebook Live game with a few hands-on options.

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Tools and software for live video continue to evolve. Ecamm Live is the latest kid on the block to allow users to go live on Facebook Live from their desktop, providing a host of quick easy-to-use features.

When I heard about Ecamm Live, I was already using another service that the company offers called Call Recorder, a tool allows you to record conversations via Skype or FaceTime.

Being both familiar and a fan of the company, I was excited to see the latest product from Ecamm.

What I was using before

While I had been using a Logitech webcam and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for live videos, OBS has a slight learning curve and requires a little tech knowledge, so I was looking forward to seeing if Ecamm Live was a little easier to use.

It is! You don’t have 30 different options on your screen to choose from. Just a few. That makes what you need to do super intuitive.

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Let me break it down for you

I want to make this even easier for you to get started so I’m going to walk you through what to do. That way, you have no excuse to give it a try and get started.

First, go to the website and download the software.

ecamm Live home page

Step 2

Accept the user agreement.

Step 3

Ecamm Live setup Step 3

Connect to your Facebook account. There are 1 or 2 subsequent screens you need to click through as well.

Notice that my images are dark and grainy. This is because I took the screenshots late at night in my living room while watching movies with my husband. The lighting was horrible (but then again I was supposed to be watching the movie – bad wife, I know).

My advice: Don’t film under these conditions. If you watch the video at the top of this post you will see the stark difference in your picture quality when you have good lighting.

Step 4

Ecamm setup step 4

Decide where to broadcast and who’ll you show your broadcast to before you go live. In order to practice, I suggest you broadcast to yourself.

But hey, if you like to do live tests then broadcast to the world via your profile, a group you manage or a page that you admin.

Step 5

Click on the arrows and you will see a drop down with your options.

Step 6

Ecamm Setup step 6

Name your Facebook Live. If you hate your title, after you’ve finished broadcasting you can always go into Facebook and change the title and description of your video.

You want to do this anyway in case you forgot relevant keywords.

Step 7

Click the big blue Go Live button in the middle to start broadcasting.

Ecamm Once Live

This is what your screen looks like once you are live.

You have 4 things to choose from at the top of your screen.

Ecamm Live all buttons

Step 8

Want to share your screen? Maybe you’re teaching a tutorial and you want to share a checklist with people. It’s simple to do with a click of a button.

Ecamm Live Setup Share monitor

Click the monitor icon and BAM! your screen is visible to your viewers.

Step 9

Want to add a text overlay? Click the upper right icon of the “T” and the image and add your text.

Ecamm Live setup step 9

This is what it looks like when you add text.

Ecamm Step 9 w_Text

Step 10

This is what it looks like when you add an image.

Ecamm Live w_ Image

In my Facebook live video I used a lower thirds for my show as an image to give it a more professional look. You can do that or just show any image you want to share.

Step 11

You can play pre-recorded videos easily within your Facebook live. Click the film icon in the top and find a video file to play within your broadcast.

Ecamm Live setup step 11

This is what that will look like.

What I think about Ecamm Live

The company offers a 7-day trial, so I was able to test out the software on a Monday broadcast before completely committing.

When I filmed the video above on the Wednesday following, I knew that I didn’t need more time to make up my mind.

Software that’s easy to use and implement is a no-brainer.

7 Features I like about Ecamm Live software

  1. I may have said this three times before but the software is easy to use.
  2. The picture quality is impressive and very clear, even with just using the iMac’s camera.
  3. You can open and close an image while broadcasting live using drag and drop features.
  4. Easily open a pre-recorded video while live and control the volume without a mixer.
  5. Simple text overlays to easily add and remove text on your live video.
  6. Read comments as they appear without opening other windows or devices.
  7. Share your desktop screen with one click while you’re live.

Ecamm Live’s shortcomings

  • As with any new software, the developers are still working out kinks and releasing updates. Overall Ecamm Live doesn’t have a long learning curve that’s required with other broadcasting software programs.
  • Unfortunately the software is only available for Mac users. Sorry my PC friends – I know how frustrating it is to read sentences like that. (Actually, no I don’t). 😉
  • But seriously, when I find an alternative for those who use PCs, I’ll be sure to test it out on my husband’s computer and let you know your options.

If you want to go live to Facebook from your desktop, Ecamm Live is a simple piece of software to use. And well worth the investment.

Take things up a notch with live syndication

If you’re using third-party software like Live Leap, you can syndicate your awesome desktop multi-feature live video to your profile, other groups and pages. However, I don’t believe live comments from the secondary feeds will show up on the screen while you are live.

I’m still testing the theory.

Bottom Line

While some other platforms are free, I’d rather pay a little bit of money for a platform that is easier to use, than having to spend my time trying to figure out how to use the ‘cheaper’ option.

Please note that this article has affiliate links at no cost to you. If you make a purchase, we’re both winning.

Want to watch Ecamm demonstrate how the software works?

Take a look at this short(er) explainer video.

Will you use Ecamm Live for your Facebook Live-from-desktop videos or do you love a different tool?

Tell me in the comments what you're currently using or any questions you have about Live video or Ecamm.

If you're ready to make your live video-from-desktop life easier (and slicker), get with the program and buy a copy of Ecamm Live --> here.  You can thank me later! 😉

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