Instagram Live Video – Basics and Things To Know

By Tawanna B.

Instagram Live Video

Instagram live video is here! Yes, another social media app adds live streaming to the mix.

Are you feeling the pressure yet to at least TRY live video to see how you like it? Come on, it’s fun! (I feel like I’m trying to poach some bad candy off to you.)

Well, even if you continue to sit on the sidelines, here are some things that you should know about the Instagram live video user experience:


  1. As long as followers haven’t turned off notifications, they will get a notice that you are live.
  2. Your broadcasts disappear once you are finished broadcasting! No replay.
  3. As of today (12/14/16) IG Live is only available to United States users
  4. People can give you hearts as a sign that they like what you’re streaming.
  5. Tap Comment so that You can leave a comment.
  6. You can pin a comment to the top for people to see by tapping and holding a comment.
  7. The number of viewers appears in the top right of the screen.
  8. You can turn off comments by tapping *** then select Turn Off Commenting.


  1. As soon as someone that you’re following goes live, you will get an alert from IG.
  2. Their profile picture will appear at the top of the Feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live.
  3. You can leave comments on the live video and hearts.
  4. You can hide comments.

Instagram Live Video



12/14/16 16:00 EST – I have IG Live and I’ve tested it out. The interface looks clean and I was able to see the names of the viewers on the broadcast. I could see when they gave hearts as well as the change in live viewers.

When I spoke with a social media friend, she said that she didn’t get a notification. Another friend confirmed the same.

Delayed Notifications on Instagram Live Video?

My suspicion is that notifications with IG Live are probably slightly delayed as they are with Facebook Live. I’m also wondering if IG isn’t notifying ALL of your followers but only certain ones.

It’s important to note that those of us who are impatient about the notifications started out using Periscope and are a bit spoiled by the notification system as well as the immediacy in engagement.

Until Facebook and Instagram can compete on this score, many of us devoted live streamers will default to Periscope because of the faster response time.

I’ll bet that they aren’t far behind in improving.

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