9 Ways To Use Live Video For Travel Content Creators

By Tawanna B.

Use Live Video for Travel Content

Live video has the potential to enhance the content for just about any niche you can imagine. For travel content creators live streaming is especially useful.

In general, travel bloggers, travel writers and overall travel influencers are constantly creating content. Live video is an excellent tool for them to repurpose their content and increase their reach.

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This past weekend at the Traverse ’17 London travel conference, I spoke about nine ways travel influencers can use live video for their travel content. As a travel influencer myself with Mom’s Guide To Travel, I immediately saw the applicability of live video for the travel industry.

Aside from pre-recorded video, there’s no better medium to transport the audience to a destination with the traveler. Live video has the power to enhance whatever story a travel writer aims to tell.

There’s nothing like being there live at a session but here are some takeaways via the presentation slides:

And here is some feedback from the attendees (thanks to Adrian Land from Considerable Influence for the idea):

One of the most common roadblocks for aspiring live streamers is what to talk about when they go live. To help with that challenge, I put together 15 live video topic ideas that can be adjusted for any niche.

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My parting advice for the Traverse attendees was to:

Have a question about the presentation or anything regarding using live video for your particular industry? Leave a comment below.