Live Video Marketing Strategy: How often should you go Live?

By Tawanna B.

Developing a Live Video Strategy: How often should you go Live?

This video is the first in a series of videos that will discuss developing a live video marketing strategy. Below is a brief summary of what I discuss in the above Facebook Live video.

Answering the question “how often should you go live” fits within the bigger ecosystem of your overall video strategy.

As you consider incorporating live video into your social media marketing mix, you should have a plan. Particularly, if you’re going to do be doing live videos for your business and using the medium for marketing purposes.

Ask yourself some important questions

When I consider all the things that I get into as it pertains to social media, I always think about the business application. I ask myself:

  • How can I apply this to my overall business strategy with the things that I’m already doing?

  • What are the specific strategies and the specific implementation plan for using a particular platform or a particular type of content?

Consider your goals before you focus on your live video marketing strategy

What are your specific goals? Are they centered around:

  • growing your audience
  • driving traffic to your website
  • driving traffic to a particular landing page or offer

Once you decide your goals for your business then you will work on creating your strategy for adding live videos to your marketing.

Take into consideration your all-important audience

Your audience will also determine to some extent how often you will go live. How much video content does your audience like to consume?

If your audience, i.e. your target customer doesn’t want to watch your videos every day or multiple times a week, then this is something you should take into consideration.

When you map about your goals and define your target customer, it will be easier for you to make an assessment of how often you should go live.

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