How To Create a Production Format for Your Live Videos

By Tawanna B.

Formatting your Live Videos

Creating a production format for your live videos will save you time and indecision before, during and after your live show. It’s worth the time to sit down and craft one out for yourself.

In this video, I talk to you about some of the elements involved in the pre, filming, and post-production phase.

Pre-production phase

Create a storyboard for your show.

This doesn’t have to be a professional set of drawings. Do stick figures or whatever works to get the visual ideas of what you want your show to look like out of your head.

One of the reasons why people have no idea what to talk about consistently on their videos is because they aren’t using an editorial calendar.

Draft your topics for the upcoming weeks or months.

This is the same thing you would do for your written content.

What will your set look like? If you’re filming outdoors, how will you prepare for external factors such as weather, lighting, crowds, etc.?

The Production Phase

During your show, do you have a set format for your show – an intro, content outline, and wrap-up?

The Post-Production Process

Once the show ends, what is your post-production process?

Are you repurposing your videos elsewhere? How will you promote the video to other audiences?

Will the video be downloaded, edited, used as an ad for a campaign?

production format for live videos

Go through these various steps to start defining what you want your show to look like.

Look at how other broadcasters are doing it.

Take inspiration from them. But remember, don’t copy.

Create something that fits your personality and style.

Don’t know where to start? Need more professional guidance and advice to design the live show that’s been in your head for months?

Book a video strategy session with me where we’ll go over this and more.

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