Three Simple Professional Performer Tips to Be Comfortable On-camera

By Tawanna B.

Professional performer tips to help you on camera



Are you intimidated with live video? Do you struggle with being comfortable on camera? Are you nervous getting on camera or do you feel like you’re never ready to hit ‘Broadcast’?

In this live video I share 3 tips from my experience as a professional actor that will help you with these challenges.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what I discuss:

  1. Preparation is key.
  2. Talk to one person. (This is where the customer avatar is super important.)
  3. Practice. Rinse. Repeat.

Bottom line: We put too much pressure on ourselves to get “it” right and be perfect the first time. Perfection

Be a Professional. Take Action.

I also share three action steps in this live video to help you improve. To sum them up they include:

  1. Do a quick draft of your topic with 3 main points.
  2. Practice talking to yourself in the mirror.
  3. Go live to yourself or do a pre-recorded video and share with someone for critique.

For a slower-paced hand-holding approach, make sure you sign up for my FREE (I know you like that word. Who doesn’t?) 5-day video course that breaks down exercises you can do daily. Click below. 

professional performer tips to be comfortable on camera

What’s the next video you want to do? What’s your biggest fear with live video? Leave a comment below. Let’s see if we can get you over the hump.

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