Tools Of The Trade To Save Time on Social Media: CoSchedule

By Tawanna B.

Save Time on Social Media CoSchedule

Tools of the Trade To Save Time on Social Media: CoSchedule

Save time on social media? Who the, what the, HOW?

Hold on. Let’s make sure that we’re on the same page with a couple of things when it comes to figuring out how to save time on social media.

  1. You understand that social media is your friend. If you want to reach a broader audience and drive sales from online interactions you need to be there.
  2. You realize that social media is a time suck. If you don’t place hard limits on your activity you will disappear into a black hole time warp and emerge hours later feeling disoriented, wondering where the time went.
  3. Social media is all about being social. There are no shortcuts to facilitating two-way conversations – that is, unless you have a real-life clone.
  4. It’s hard to choose just a few platforms when there are so many choices. It’s really not THAT hard. Just ignore! Truth be told, without a kick-A team, it’s difficult to be effective in multiple places at multiple times.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could clone ourselves?

save time on social media_clones

My clone would be a BEAST(X 2)!!!

In lieu of a clone, we can either hire a virtual assistant or we can utilize tools that help us save time on social media. I can make a case for both, however, for the sake of saving money as well as saving time on our social media activities, I want to talk about tools of the trade.

The 411 of online marketing

As online marketers we understand that over half of our time (if not more) requires that we have a presence on social media. Although we need to have a presence it doesn’t mean that we always have to be present.

Now it may sound like I’m channeling my inner Jay-Z but just think about it for a minute. If we’re constantly present on social, how are we able to effectively develop, improve, and provide useful products and services to clients?

My biggest activities on social media include writing blog posts, marketing those blog posts, creating video content, sharing images, and curating content. I am a busy mom AND an entrepreneur. Since I haven’t found my dream nanny yet, I’m always on the lookout for dream tools to make at least the business part of my life easier.

I have no choice but to limit the amount of time I spend on social media. If I don’t, other really important things suffer.

The key to how you can save time on social media includes organization, reminders, and automation.

When it comes to blog content, editorial calendars are useful for staying organized and mapping out a content schedule. As for automating content (making it seem like you’re always present on social) CoSchedule is a bomb tool that does the heavy lifting.

What is this CoSchedule that you speak of Tawanna?

Glad you asked. Here’s an overview video:

CoSchedule from Garrett Moon on Vimeo.

If the video didn’t explain it enough….CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial and marketing calendar that brings your content creation and social media promotion in one place.

It’s available in plugin form for WordPress users. Using CoSchedule as a plugin allows you to schedule your social media promotion right from your WordPress blog.

coschedule time saving social media tool

If you run your website on a different platform, you can use the tool as a stand-alone site.

The calendar utilizes drag and drop simplicity which makes it super simple to move things around.

How I use CoSchedule

I’m not going to lie, I went through a bit of a learning curve to fully understand CoSchedule. Luckily, their trial period is so generous that eventually I was able to get the hang of it.

I manage two blogs. I need CoSchedule in my life. Between running the blog and live streaming almost daily, the calendar has helped me plan 60 days of content.

One of my sites is a WP site and the other site is on the Rainmaker platform. I use CoSchedule as both a plugin as well as a stand alone website. The plugin makes things super convenient.Save Time on Social Media CoSchedule

Save Time on Social Media CoSchedulesaving time on social media coschedule

As a fan of lists, I use CoSchedule’s workflow templates to outline what needs to happen before, during, and after each blog post. This includes: research, linking, image creation, scheduling and multi-platform sharing, at the least. In the image above, you can see the tasks in the far right column.

Those workflow templates integrate with my Google Calendar so I get alerts whenever specific tasks are due.

I even used the task list tool to help me create this 15-step checklist for Organizing and Repurposing my live streaming videos. Click the link to read the post or simply download it below!

I Heart Integrationsscreen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-00-56-am

I love when my tools play nice with each another. It makes the world a better place. CoSchedule is all about online peace so it integrates with a dozen other tools that I use. Those tools and platforms include:

  • WordPress
  • Evernote
  • Google Docs
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (profile, pages, groups)
  • Linked In
  • Buffer
  • Google+ Pages
  • Pinterest
  • Bitly
  • Chrome Extension

All about being a better team player

Here’s the part where you can take your cloning to the next level. If you work with a VA or a team to create your editorial content, you can use CoSchedule to collaborate and share the workload of maintaining the editorial schedule.


CoSchedule Social Queue

Create task lists and templates.

Maximize your workflow management by assigning team members to specific tasks. Leave notes for each other within the editorial calendar.

The pièce de résistance is the social template. I even recorded a little demo for you:

With this feature, you design a social sharing template once, fill in your text helpers like multiple headlines, benefits, questions, quotes, hashtags then hit “Apply Template.” The text helper fields will be unique to each post.

Every time you create a blog post, you apply the template and CoSchedule auto populates your pre-formatted updates. Because you’ve already assigned a day and time for each social update to each respective platform when you created the template, CoSchedule does the rest of the work.

Your content promotion is automated. Now you can have a presence without always being present.

THAT is how you slay Social Media giant, David.

Do you use CoSchedule or another editorial calendar system? What tools do you use to help promote your blog posts and other online content? Leave a comment below.

CoSchedule: The Editorial Calendar For WordPress


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