The Ultimate Guide to Live Video Marketing – Part 2

By Tawanna B.

 The Ultimate Guide To Live Video Marketing (Part 2)

Guide to Live Video Marketing

In part 1 of this two-part series on live video marketing, I discuss the first couple of questions you should answer when devising a live video strategy.

In this second post we’ll go over two additional pieces of the puzzle: implementation and measurement.

So let’s dig in!


After you’ve set your goals and created a strategy, next you need to:


You’ve devised your strategy. Now it’s time to put together your implementation plan.

action plan

Here’s how to get started. Answer these questions:

  1. How will you start?
  2. What day(s) will you go live?
  3. What tools will you need?
  4. What will your system look like pre and post broadcast?
  5. How fancy or simple will your live shows be? Will you use virtual sets or natural sets?
  6. Will your videos be solo shows or will you employ an interview format?

Perhaps you will start out using only your cell phone. Maybe you will go live from your desktop or laptop.

Will you need a green screen, lighting equipment, third party software? Will you keep your videos simple and on the fly? Perhaps you will do all your broadcasting outdoors.

During your shows give your viewers clear calls to action: invite, share, click or go to a link.

What will the content plan for the show look like?

Map out your episodes for a month (start with one video per week) based off of feedback or challenges your customer has.

Perhaps your live videos coincide with promotions, launches or events on your calendar.

How will you extend your video’s reach?

Create a distribution plan.

Consider cross-platform promotion on channels like YouTube and Vimeo along with collaborations, and advertising to grow your viewership.

Can you repurpose your videos into other forms of content? Consider blog posts, presentations, quote graphics, infographics, ebooks, etc. The sky’s the limit. Write your ideas below.




Unfortunately too many marketers are seduced by vanity metrics such as likes and total number of followers.

campaign performance

However, these raw numbers don’t contribute to a business’s bottom line.

You should look to your analytics to tell you not only growth rates but the performance of campaigns; measurable results of specific activities; and how prospects behave.

For example:

  • Does your audience engage on your live videos? What can you do to encourage more engagement?
  • What is the relative growth of your audience base over time?
  • What is your viewership per total size of your audience?
  • How many unique visitors are you driving from your live video platform to your landing pages or your website?
  • How many videos were created and shared per week
  • What’s the average viewing time per video?
  • Are your videos being shared? Which topics are resonating more with your audience?

Keep track of these and other figures to devise ways to improve your numbers.

Google Analytics

  • Should you incorporate advertising?
  • Are you doing enough pre and post cross platform promotion?
  • Be sure to mention when you go live in your newsletters and your email marketing.


Keeping up with platform changes and your audience’s viewing behaviors is imperative for you to stay relevant in the live video space. Understandably, it can feel overwhelming.

Do you need specialized help with:

mapping out your marketing strategy?

designing a system for repurposing?

production and content planning?

Get in touch to see how: I can help your business.

Engagement, click-through-rates and sales are some of the most important markers in determining how you may need to adjust your live video marketing strategy.

Determine your goals, have a strategy and put a plan in place to ensure your live video success.

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