18 Inexpensive Video Resources For Social Video

By Tawanna B.

18 Inexpensive Video Resources For Social Video

There are hundreds of video apps, websites, platforms for you to choose from to create or edit live videos, social videos, demo videos and long-form videos.

In the above video, I talk about 18 of them on the market. There are a ton more, but honestly, who can use them all!

List of Video Resources for Social Video

What I didn’t add in my live video above was links as well as examples of the finished product from some of these video apps and platforms.

I haven’t tested them all just yet. (A girl just doesn’t have enough time to play.) However, several of the ones that I have used are relatively easy to learn and create nice-looking videos.

Below you can see examples of a few of them in action. I’ll come back to this post to update it as I go through them all.

1. Just Broadcaster FB

Price: $20 Only available on Mac

This software allows you to broadcast live to Facebook from your desktop. It provides screen templates, lower third themes, multi-scene transitions, voting, chroma key, iphone/ipad screen capture and more.

Check it out here.

2. Just Broadcaster YTEd

Price: $20.00

The YouTube version of Broadcaster does just about the same thing as the Facebook version except for the polling feature. The YouTube version also has screen and application capture.

Learn more about Just Broadcaster and try it for a free trial here.

3. OBS – Open Broadcaster Software

Price: FREE
OBS is open source software for video recording and live streaming. Some of the features include filters for video sources such as scene switching, transitions, image masking, chroma/color keying, and more.

You can download a free copy of OBS from their site.

4. Ecamm Live

I did a short tutorial on Ecamm Live in an earlier blog post. I use it three times a week on Facebook so that should speak to how much I love it.

It’s inexpensive, easy to use and slick. Unfortunately, Ecamm Live is only available to Mac users.

5. iMovie

Price: Comes with your Mac

6. Camtasia

Price: $199

A video editor and screen recorder, Camtasia has been around before this recent video craze. I don’t own the software as I already own Screenflow.

PC users tend to use Camtasia in lieu of Screenflow for their tutorials and video editing needs. However, Camtasia is available for Mac users as well.

7. Screenflow

Price: $99/FREE trial
Screenflow is video editing and screen recording software that lets you create high-quality videos, short animations for the web, memes, tutorials and videos for social sharing.

Screenflow has a bit of a learning curve but there’s so much you can do with it, especially if you want to do on-camera tutorials.

8. GIPHY Capture – GIF Maker for Mac

Price: FREE
GIPHY Capture is an app that allows you to create quick GIFs on your Mac.

I’ve yet to make my own GIFs but I’m looking forward to it. You can try it out for yourself if you have a Mac by searching the App store or grabbing it HERE.

9. Animatron

Price: FREE/$15/$30 for annual plans

Animatron is animation software that enables users to make and edit animations, interactive content and presentations.

Check out Animatro to help you make animated marketing videos HERE.

10. Adobe Spark Video

Price: FREE
Adobe Spark is an easy online video editor for creating social videos. The editor has professional themes to give even the most beginner of creators a polished professional look to their videos.

I’ve only produced one video with Adobe Spark but I love that it’s currently free and has a beautiful interface. You can use your own images or their stock images as well as their music library.

I don’t have much more to say about it at this time because I still need to play with it to compare to other resources I’ve used.

You can sign up for FREE here.

11. Ripl

I use Ripl primarily for posting short social videos on Instagram and my Mom’s Guide To Travel Facebook page. Here’s an example of a video:

This app accesses your images and allows you to place them in pre-designed Ripl templates.

You can add your branding, change the text and colors and make the templates completely your own.

12. Splice

Splice is a Go-Pro video editor that allows users to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on the iPhone or iPad.

This video was a travel blog post about kayaking in Charleston, SC that I repurposed into a video. The photos and videos came straight from my phone so no uploading or transferring of files necessarily.

This is a great app for doing quick videos, especially when you’re on the go. They’re short and perfect for sharing on your social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

13. Shakr

Price: $99/mo

Shakr is a video maker designed to create marketing videos for campaigns, advertisement, social media, ecommerce stores, and more.

This video platform is for serious marketers, hence the high price.

This video I did to market my webinar a couple of months ago was done using the Shakr platform. I love these guys because they have templates!!

Here’s also another example of a video I did. The goal of this video is to lead traffic back to Mom’s Guide To Travel site and an older food post I wrote.

Shakr is one of my favorites because all I do is fill in the blanks.

14. dubSuite

Price: FREE

DubDub is a video platform, video editing and sharing app made just for mobile. I have yet to produce a video with this app.

15. BeLive

Price: $15/$20 month ; FREE: 2, 20-minute broadcasts per week

BeLive allows users to go live straight from their desktop to Facebook. It provides features such as scheduling, two-person interviews, multi-panel conversations and more.

When I first started going live to Facebook from my desktop, I used BeLive. Now I use Ecamm Live for that purpose.

BeLive is my go-to for guest interviews.

Here is an example from my Facebook Page of BeLive in action.

16. is a Saas tool that automatically repurposes your audio and video to various outputs including YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and GoogleDrive.

This video that you’re watching here has gone through the RepurposeIo process. If you wanted to watch it on YouTube, guess what? Here it is:

I’ve embedded the video here from YouTube just so that you can see. Same exact video, same exact everything. Just different platform.

You can take on a test drive here.

17. Lumen5

Price: FREE

Lumen5 is a video creation platform driven by A.I. that turns blog posts into high quality videos through automation.

I love me some Lumen5. Super easy, super quick. Especially if you are a blogger who uses lots of images in your blog post.

This video was created from this blog post on the Mom’s Guide To Travel site:

18. Just Broadcaster Periscope

Price: $9.99 currently

Just Broadcaster Periscope allows you to go live to…Periscope from your desktop. It provides screen templates, lower third themes, multi-scene transitions, chroma key, iphone/ipad screen capture, application capture and more.

This is a much simpler alternative to OBS. I still have yet to test it out to see just how the functionality compares to that software.

Have you used any of these social video tools. Which one of these resources do you think you’ll try out? Leave me a comment below.

18 not enough? Download the expanded list of 28 different tools for creating your social videos. Whether you’re an iOS or Android user, you’re bound to find an app or platform that works for you.

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Disclosure: At no cost to you, this post has affiliate links to some of the social video resources I mention.

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