Visme Product Review

By Tawanna B.

Visme Software Product Review

My unfiltered, unedited look into Visme as a content creation tool for busy solopreneurs. You can also read the transcript below (with minimal edits).

What makes a great content creation tool for me

So for me, I’m always looking for products that have:

  • great value
  • that I can open the box and just use them intuitively
  • where I don’t have to deal with a lot of tutorials or user manuals

I want a tool where I can just open right up and dive right in, whether I’m going to be using it myself or I have to explain to my virtual assistant how to use it. Because hey, here’s the deal: some of us have virtual assistants where English is not the first language and so using tutorials might be a little bit difficult for them so they also need to understand intuitively how to use some of these products.

So one of the tools (and I have a whole list of different tools that I could talk to you about) that I have fallen in love with over the past year, but one of the tools that I like a lot is a tool called Visme.


I’m going to share with you my screen so that you can see what it looks like. So let’s see. We’ll go here and we’ll share the screen with you.

Who is Visme software good for and what does it offer?


So this is the webpage of Visme and you can see on the top header there just all of the different things, different people or different let’s say, avatars it works for:

  • for businesses,
  • for education,
  • for people looking for quick templates.

Visual content you can create with Visme

Here are the various pieces of visual content that you can create with Visme aside from infographics and presentations:

  • charts
  • maps
  • documents
  • printables
  • graphics
  • flyers
  • scatter plots
  • social media graphics
  • and surveys!

That’s quite a bit of functionality in a visual content creation tool! I’ll be honest with you, the extent of my visual content creation in the past has included social media graphics, printables, presentations, and videos.

I’m looking forward to exploring tools like documents and flyers for my business to expand my content creation horizon.


What software does Visme compare to?

So what does Visme compare to? Canva for instance. Or it might be compared to PowerPoint.

So if you’re someone that’s interested in doing infographics or you’re interested in doing presentations or you’re interested in doing social media posts or charts or visualizing stats and figures. In general, if you are trying to teach adult learning through visualization, then Visme might be a product that benefits you.

The Canva experience

I am a user of Canva. Just to be completely honest with you, and I’ve been using Canva probably like a lot of you for quite some time.

And let’s just do a quick comparison of layout because for me one of the things that’s important is that when I do go to the software website, it is easy for me to pretty much find the things that I need. And if I’ll just share the Canva screen with you really quickly – this is my Canva.

I’ve created so many different types of graphics in Canva between social media posts, between web presentations for webinars or calendars, anything, a lot of stuff that has to do with my self-care business but also my travel business.

So Canva is great in that it has:

  • on the sidebar all your designs.
  • you can also create your brand kit.
  • They actually have a design school.

And I’ll, I’ll say this Canvas has gotten a lot better over the years in terms of the things that they have been adding to the arsenal.

But sometimes I find that when I log in to Canva, I don’t see everything I need immediately. Everything is all in this one place. It’s a visual thing for me. So everything is kind of here in the layout and then I’ve got to kind of scroll across to find the things that I need.

The Visme Experience

What I like about Visme in comparison in terms of how they arrange the information, arrange the different types of things you can create templates and so forth, is that they put it in this type of a framework right here in this top bar.


You have your Presentations and within the Presentations, they have different templates. And for graphics as well. And what’s cool about the infographics is that infographics can be a little tricky. Especially if your brain doesn’t really organize information that way.

What I like about Visme’s infographics is:

  1. you can search for the infographics by keyword type. And I cannot necessarily say that about Canva. If I do infographics in Canva, I don’t recall being able to search for the infographic by keyword type. Now that’s not a bad thing to say necessarily but I appreciate being able to come to a site and say, show me an infographic for wellness and then it’ll spit out for me, different types of infographics that are in that category.
  2. You can easily stylize your infographic to look like you created it from scratch. Honestly, I’m not going to be someone who’s necessarily gonna change elements within an infographic. I might do something for instance, like change the color. Yes, of course, the data is going to be different and unique to whatever my need is but with Visme you have the option of going in once you choose to edit, you have the option of going in and selecting various elements that you want to change, one by one.

I will say that Visme’s software is super, super savvy and there are a lot of things that you can do with it. This excites me.

Tutorial videos with the Visme software

When you go into any visual content section, a popup for a quick tutorial video appears showing you how to get started with, for instance, infographics. It’s really neat. The videos are short averaging about a minute long.

In the videos, they pretty much tell you where to find everything. I really like how they break down the different areas of your infographics for instance, the header, the title, stats and, figures.

Creating Infographics with Visme software

What I particularly like about Visme software is that it allows any user to easily change elements in infographics. It puts the power of infographic design in everyone’s hands, whether you are a graphic designer or not.

You can easily create infographics with Visme’s tool using their ready-made blocks feature.


Options to change the head title, subtitle, stats, and figures are quick and easy. The key that you are probably getting from my Visme software product review is that things are easy and simple. As a person who does not identify as a designer, that’s what I want.

What I’ve found is that I don’t need to recreate the wheel from the bottom. I can start off with an infographic template and swap out colors, fonts, icons, and data to fit my particular need.

Creating a Canva infographic

In Canva, I did not find the infographic creation process as simple in terms of customization. Sure, there are some infographic templates and I can edit them with a few clicks. However, the step-by-step process that the Visme software takes me through walking through each part of an infographics design (header, subtitle, icons, graphics, colors, etc.) is missing in the Canva infographic template process.


Other features that I like with Visme’s infographic creation tool include:

  • easily re-ordering the infographic’s sections with the drag feature
  • easily deleting a section of the infographic
  • adding an additional section to an infographic template with the click of a button

If you are trying to figure out how to create infographics, I’ll tell you straight up that creating infographics with Visme’s visual content creation tool is a quick and intuitive process.

Presentations with Visme software

And there’s just so much more that I need to discover in this presentations area. For my business, I have been focusing a lot on presentations. Lucky me, Visme stays true to their word when they say “not just another boring presentation software.”


In this last month alone, I needed to create a couple of presentations for webinars, a presentation for a company that I’m looking to work with.

What I like about Visme’s presentations is just like an infographic, you can download it in whatever format you need. Similar to Canva it can be downloaded as an image but you also have this option of doing HTML5. I’m not quite sure you can do that with Canva.

Organizing your visual content

What’s cool, and I don’t think I have that ability in Canva per se, is that I could create a new folder and then add specific designs into the folder. With Canva, I have all of my different designs all over the place. They’re not necessarily broken out into different folders and different projects.

On the other hand, in Visme, I can create different folders and put my projects within those folders.

As the library of assets grows and as I create more things, I can organize them into folders. Since we created an infographic in this video, I’m going to do an infographics folder and make sure that I add this new creation into the infographics folder. It is as simple as just dragging and adding it.

If I’m looking for a particular project whether it’s a social media post, infographic, or webinar presentation, I can go into the respective folder and find the particular asset that I need.

My first Visme Presentation creation

The first thing that I created with the Visme software was a Presentation. And honestly, it was quick. It was easy. What I love about the tool is that it is effortless for me to find different icons and shapes.

And photos that I need to use for any type of presentation that I’m going to do can be found in Visme. All of the photos (aside from the presenters’ photos), including these background photos I got within the Visme app. The tool has tons of photos – half a million free photos to be exact. So if I can’t find it in here, I need to make it work somehow.

I can name my slides and when I go to download, I can download each slide either as an image, JPEG, PNG, Document, PDF, PPTX or HTML5.

Even if I’m doing a Webinar like say this, this video, I can share the screen. Instead of downloading the pdf, share the screen and have this baby run with all of these very unique and dynamic elements where it’s just sliding in and it’s just a beautiful clean format, a clean presentation. FYI, as a PDF download, the transitions would not play.


Making my first presentation was very easy. The only things that I really changed with the presentation were the imagery and of course the words, and maybe I didn’t use all of the different slides.

This beats Powerpoint any day.

One thing is certain, I don’t have the level of functionality with Keynote that I have with Visme.

Presentation creation conveniences

  • You can change your theme colors to one set of colors and it’ll change all of the colors.
  • You can add your own photos to a library that you will choose from. And then when you go into actually create the presentation, just pull those photos, you know, one by one versus looking for the photos slide by slide.
  • And you get quite a bit of storage space.
  • Easily customizable and intuitive.
  • Undo arrow for “last-made” edits.

Tip: If you’re not using the photos anymore, delete them to free up space. But I tell ya, if I have 45 assets and I still have 82.26 megabytes of storage left, I’m not going to run out of storage space anytime soon.

And then when you go into your brand kit area, this is where you’re going to set up your colors and templates and logos and brand links and topography. I have not done that yet but I plan on doing that soon.

So I would love to know if you’ve used Visme before. Personally, I think that because it is such a feature-rich piece of software, there are so many different things that you can do.

I will probably do all of my presentations here. The presentation feature is a part of Visme that I’m personally most excited about because of the different types of presentations I can create.

Two thumbs up from me because of how easy and intuitive it is for me to use.

If I need to do something quickly with visuals like swapping things out, with Visme it happens really easy. I don’t have to download software to my computer. It’s all web-based and I can access it very easily.

Visme Pricing

If you work with Teams, Visme pricing is fairly reasonable. As a solopreneur, you may need to ensure that you are using Visme all the time and exclusively for the most part to justify the monthly costs of the Complete package.


The wonderful thing about Visme is that you can use their Basic plan for free, similar to what Canva offers. But of course, you are not going to get the high-end features such as storage, creating that brand kit, recording audio and collecting leads.

Critiques of the Visme Software

My biggest critique with Visme is that I can’t access it from my phone as well. It is not currently designed for mobile. However, so many of us are on the go and sometimes when we need to look over a presentation when we’re out and about, we can’t open up a laptop.

Comparatively, I can view all of my Canva presentations on my phone. This is one area where I feel the Visme software falls short for users.

Also, it would be great if they created Instagram story templates. I think that that would be extremely powerful and useful for, powerful for Visme. Powerful for Visme and advantageous for Visme, and extremely useful for business users because a lot of people are doing stuff with Instagram. So I do like that. I would suggest that they do get some sort of Instagram stories templates in their arsenal.

If you have experience with Visme, please let me know what you think and how it compares for you to other tools that you use. What are some of the features that you like most about Visme? I can wait to hear what you think.